Films to view!

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Timeless Films to watch in your house within your favourite security estate!

Turin Horse

the turin horse

Only the bravest of the brave may consider taking this film up. Be warned. Be thrilled with unmatched welt angst. Be remembering this film for the rest of your life.

Il Postino

This heart rendering film directed by Michael Radford tells the story of how a simple postman with a poetic heart meets the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda and how a very special friendship formed between these two people from different backgrounds. If this does not move your soul, nothing will. In real life the actor Massimo Troisi persisted to complete this film whilst being severely ill. He suffered a fatal heart attack a day after the filming ended.

Everything is Illuminated

everything is illuminated
This film will come back to sensitize you even if you watch it only once! Jonathan Foer, an introspective Jewish young man goes on a journey to find a woman on an old photo with his grandfather. His guides are an angry outspoken anti-semitic old man, his ‘worldly’ grandson ( Gogol Bordello in real life!) and a Border Collie, Sammy Davis Junior Junior. If you love books and all raw facets of life, this is for you. Unforgettable!

Three Colours Trilogy: Red; Blue; White

Made by Krzysztof Kieslowski and Krzysztof Piesiewicz, the three films, Three Colours: Blue, Three Colours: White and Three Colours: Red, take up the themes of tragedy, comedy and romance and delicately brush away all bourgeoisie sentimentalist interpretations of these subjects.

The Seventh Seal

bergman seal
This masterpiece by Ingmar Bergman, The Seventh Seal, explores the ‘silence of God’. A medieval knight plays a game of chess with Death who has come to take his life. Dark, sombre and unyielding, it will not release you easily. Even if you perceive it fit to leave the lights on afterwards. Max von Sydow, as always a dark star.

Citizen Kane
Charles Foster Kane, a media magnate, is spending his last years at his estate, Xanadu, after he ruthlessly worked himself up the ladder of success in society. View this masterpiece and make sure that the meaning of ‘Rosebud’ does not slip away unnoticed!

Babette’s Feast
The story of depraved lives, outdated rituals and old age rolling in, but then a twist to the tale. A stranger entering the lives of the two sisters, Martine and Philippa, to serve them, feed them and eventually to free them. Grace coming sensually to the people feasting at the table.

Federico Fellini is known for his masterpieces. This film is one of them, perhaps the greatest. One does not endeavour to tell the story, it just begs to be seen. And often again afterwards.

The Bicycle Thief
This Italian film directed by Vittorio De Sica is unforgettable. It is about a poor man, Antonio Ricci, searching for his stolen bicycle on the streets of Rome. We will tell no more, we want your heart to be skinned and stolen too.


“here’s looking at you kid”. It will always be ‘a youth to deathbed ache’. When love means to let go.

“We will always have Casablanca”. Please view you cynic people of the 21st century…And repent.

Gone with the Wind

A manipulative Southern belle carries on a turbulent affair with a blockade runner during the American Civil War.

The Wrath of God
The Apu Trilogy
Barry Lyndon
Chunking Express

City Lights
Closely Watched Trains
The Crowd
Farewell my Concubine
Lawrence of Arabia
Miller’s Crossing

The Big Lebowski
Mon Uncle d’ Amerique
Pulp Fiction
The Purple Rose of Cairo
Raging Bull
Schindler’s List
Wild Strawberries
Talk to Her
Taxi Driver
Umberto D
Wings of Desire
My Brother is an only child
Beyond the Clouds
Cinema Paradiso
La Strada – Fellini

I Fidanzati
Nights of Cabiria
Not of this world
La Dolce Vita
The Leopard
The Garden of the Finze Continis
Germany Year Zero
Open City
Rocco and his Brothers