My dear brother Jim ‘Morrison’,

For the record once again, your surname is Jackson, like mine, and one cannot for ever remain a ‘rock-rebel’. It is time to grow up and smell the gassed flowers.

As your younger brother, I have your wellbeing in mind whilst writing this letter. It is time for you to consider buying a property, not raiding one and then to leave it. Let me now give you, brother, an example. You can buy a nice two bedroom apartment at prices of about R 1 100 000 now. As a first time buyer, and you are one although you are 42 years old, you will most likely get a 100% bond from a financial institution. No, the word institution has nothing to do with asylum, it just means bank or whatever. To get a bond of R 1 100 000 from a bank, just relax, just relax, the toilet is just down the passage, you need to earn about R 32 000 per month in order to be able to do the monthly bond repayment of about R 10 200. Now, if your income is not yet near to the R 32 000 pm required to get such a bond, you can really consider that your girlfriend, Jannette ‘Joplin’, her surname is really Venter, you know, join up so that the two of you can get involved in property.

Are you ready for magic brother? Now listen! Let us say you listen to your little brother and you start paying back R 10 200 per month. In 2 years’ time you will already have paid back about R 245 000. You property, if well chosen, and I can help you there brother, will then be worth about R 1 320 000. So, this is the bottom line, either you alone, or with Jannette on the side would have lived effectively for free, apart from the dirty dishes, and within the very next year you will even be starting to build an investment with solid capital growth!

So dear brother, think about this. And if the two of you start to feel  quite homely, do not immediately be thinking to add a little ‘Michael Jackson’ to the family. First get your home base in order and then the two of you can come for some serious counselling. I even think Jannette may surprise me with new found insight you know.  I have now come to realise that women tend to advance in insight and nuclear physics ahead of the male species.


Pete ‘ Brother Banker’ Jackson

(Endorsed by Wim van der Walt – – Thursday 15h00 info session still available).